Curb Your Footprint: Curb Your Appetite

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Jeff Garlin weighs in on going green. Image from Simon Spotlight
Curb Your Enthusiasm's Jeff Garlin is on a carbon and calorie loss diet. His new memoir, My Footprint: Carrying the Weight of the World, released this past week, chronicles his year-long journey to lower both his physical footprint and his carbon footprint. With wisecracks and candid wisdom, he describes facing down his food addiction and the steps he took for the environment. But is the comedian's two-pronged attack to go lean and green, killing two birds with one stone?

Some say that overweight people carry a higher footprint - from guzzling more fuel for vehicles to gobbling more food and consuming bigger stuff. So by reducing his girth, Garlin automatically lowers his footprint. But that's not enough for him. He consulted with Planet Green's go-to green guru, fellow actor Ed Begley Jr. for a how-to go green.

His book describes the tempting junk on the catering tables on the set of Larry David's show Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO, and how he took the bus to work until home demands on chauffeuring his kids detoured his effort. Jeff was already big on recycling and has supported efforts like the Green Music Group and Oceana, but had to fight his wife's objections to changing the windows for panes with better isolation.

Garlin, who has also appeared on Arrested Development and the animated eco-themed WALL-E, jokes about perusing the Living XL catalog and its three-wheel bike for a five-hundred- pound capacity, fat ponchos ("the regular poncho is so slimming"), a 650-pound-capacity sand chair (how many 650-pounders do you see at the beach, he asks), a big key computer keyboard, a toilet seat called the Big John, and a Pistol-Grip, No-Bend Toenail Clippers. But his wake-up call was seeing his body double hugging a product.

It's a process, he admits, which means a eco-diet of greens and no sugar to trigger food cravings. But with Michelle Obama's initiative to fight childhood obesity and rising costs in the health care debate, Garlin shares his experience to help others. He's on the talk show circuit like The Daily Show, comedy clubs, and touring book stores near you to yuk it up about his food habits, strut his trimmer physique and share green tips. Catch him in New York this weekend, Chicago on March 2, Seattle, San Francisco, Atlanta, Philadelphia, or LA.

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