Cultivate Kids Organic Infant and Toddler Tees

organic baby clothing

Cultivate Kids organic kids Tees remind us that growing organic isn't just about reducing pesticides and preventing the spread of GMOs — it is about cultivating a healthy future for our earth and for our children. When we give our kids toxic messages instead of nurturing their natural qualities like curiosity and creativity, we end up short-changing both the children and ourselves. The Cultivate Kids line is designed by Tammy McCure, a child-care provider and nanny who has seen the short cuts that parents are forced to take when the overwhelming demands of work and scheduled activities take the natural joy out of raising a family. Tammy hopes that parents will recognize that growing organic kids calls for the same kind of devotion that growing organic crops requires.

The Tees and onesies with messages like: "Cultivate My Love"; "Nurture My Imagination"; and "Cultivate My Creativity" are made of 100% soft organic cotton printed with water-based ink that does not contain hazardous PVCs or phthalates. Look for them online at or ask for them at your favorite eco-baby store.

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