Cultivate In Dublin Calls For Eco-Projects To Exhibit

Cultivate is a sustainable living and learning centre based in Dublin, Ireland. Cultivate runs courses and workshops on various eco topics such as permaculture, composting and nutrition, as well having a resource centre and exhibition space. From October 11th they will be hosting their first design fortnight with an exhibition about eco-design. ‘The show will highlight the range of both international and Irish products and materials which respond to the need for more conscious living and working in an era of climate change and energy awareness.’ If you have a product or project you would like to exhibit you should send it in to Cultivate by September 1st. Selected entries will be asked to submit full details for final consideration by September 15th. Contact: Erik van Lennep, Cultivate Sustainable Living Centre, 15-19 Essex Street West, Temple Bar, Dublin 8, IRELAND, tel: +353 1 674 6396, Via: o2 Group :: Cultivate