Crude Awakening: The Artistic Response to the Gulf Oil Spill

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photo: Ferrin Gallery

We've heard nearly every possible angle on the Gulf disaster, from law makers to leaders, residents, and celebrities. The world is outraged over what has gone on in the Gulf over the past few months. But what about the artistic response? Sculptor Michael Boroniec is creating pieces that will remind us long after the news has dwindled about what really happened in the worst ever oil spill. "Crude Awakening" is sculptor Michael Boroniec's artistic response to the Gulf oil spill. The piece above is made of terra cotta and high gloss black glaze and depicts a story that painful as it may be, isn't fiction at all. "I had to find a way to make this devastation more
tangible for my community as a way to express solidarity with nature
dying in the sea and on land and people loosing their livelihoods," Boroniec explained.

FERRIN GALLERY_Michael Boroniec_MotorOil_Shroud_America.jpg

"Shroud America", Silk Screen of Motor Oil on Canvas
Ferrin Gallery_Michael Boroniec_Crude Awakening-6.jpg

"Crude Awakening", Ceramic Sculpture Installation,
various birds, objects and prints

"It's a narrative. They are props for a story. Sadly, the story isn't fiction, people
have lost their livelihoods, the ecosystem has sustained serious
damage. So,when no one knows who BP is, what BP did, or what even BP
stands for, the story will still be written," says Boroniec.

Boroniec outlines his outrage and sadness over the disaster in a number of pieces currently on display at the Ferrin Gallery.

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