Crowdsourcing Creativity and Community at IDS2011


Speakers at Conversations in Design, credit IDS

Crowdsourcing, or "tapping talent from the crowd" is a controversial subject in the design community. Some think it to be evil, a way of getting a lot of ideas for free. One critic ranted that crowdsourcers "have managed to figure out a way to get thousands of people -- some skilled enough to earn a decent living -- to work for them gratis. It's an amazing sleight-of-hand." Yet one only has to look at the entries in the LifeEdited competition, where the design of Graham Hill's apartment is being crowdsourced, to find an explosion of ideas from people all over the world, that we never would have heard from, talked to, got excited by.

That's why I look forward to hearing from, talking to and getting excited by Crowdsourcing Creativity and Community at the Interior Design Show in Toronto.

The panel is going to address the question:

Is crowdsourcing helping or hindering creativity? How are crowdsourcing and open source contributing to design for social change? These are just a few of the issues and questions that will be debated by 10 international thinkers who will share their practical experiences with crowdsourcing and open source design as it relates to humanitarian projects and commercial design.

The speakers are pretty amazing, including a few familiar to TreeHugger:

Dan Rockhill, of Studio 804, builder of a number of wonderful little prefabs and buildings seen in TreeHugger:
Rockhill Associates Kansas Longhouse
Prefab Platinum Prescott Passive House Built on a Budget
and the very sad post we wrote last summer: These Prefabs Don't Move: Studio 804 Houses Languish On Market

Matthias Hollwich of Architizer the great website that "revolutionizes the way architects interact, show their work, and find clients. It is an open community created by architects for architects, their fans, and clients." He is also a sponsor of LifeEdited.
Douglas Coupland, the author, designer and visionary, author most recently of 45 Predictions And They Ain't Pretty and seen also in Art of Nature at the Green Living Show and Cut and Paste: Show of Repurposed Junk at Royal Ontario Museum

Look forward to some interviews in the next few days. More on Conversations in Design

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Full Disclosure: I have been engaged to speak at the Interior Design Show in a trade seminar.

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