Critical Mass - when two wheels are greater than four

It's one of those embarassingly simple ideas, which resonates strongly with so many people. Get a bunch of your friends together once a month and ride your bicycles around the Central Business District. A celebration of human propelled transport. Of people and pedal power. Get enough of your mates together so that you feel safe enough to not be intimidated by the snarling automobile traffic, Build up Critical Mass, as it were. All round the planet loose groups of cyclists gather on a specified date and a magical mystery tour begins. The above pic shows 1,200 cyclists, taking over lanes on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Normally the lanes would be clogged with Friday night peak-hour traffic, bumper-to-bumper with steel can juggernauts, housing just one occupant. Some CM events have had 5,000 riders show up!The event reminds drivers that cyclists are out there and have legitimate rights to use roads too. And that they do it with such an efficient vehicle, that its makes the best hybrid, look like a Hummer on a binge. Yet, as they say "Critical Mass is an idea and an event, not an organization." Two sites have information on the 'ideas' all around the world. Try this one or alternatively this other one. [by WM]