CRed (And a Lot More Besides)

Yesterday we mentioned the village of Ashton Hayes and their efforts to become climate neutral.. The village is part of a larger regional British campaign of the same intentions. It is called CRed. And I personally reckon the logotype used for this campaign is a brilliant piece of design. The logo works on many levels. See Red - get angry, agitated, take action. Credibility - I stand for something, this is important to me. Carbon Reduction - I'm doing my bit to make this world a better place. Whether the designer intended all such responses I don't know but the ultra simple logo looks different whichever way you twirl it in your mind. It provokes thought. And when climate change seems like such a big problem beyond th control of Joe Average, its pleasing to see clever design that engages the brain rather puts it to sleep. My 20 cents worth anyhow. ::CRed Climate Reduction Network. And not only do I like the logo, but the delivery of information too. Who knows what a tonne (of CO2) looks like? CRed participants do because they are told "that each of us in the UK produces about nine tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) each year through energy consumption in the home, at work and transport, that's enough to fill about five hot air balloons!" Painting pictures in people's help them visualise the topics of discussion. Not being alienated by jargon encourages people to participate in programs like this.