Creative Recycling of Andy Warhol


The National Gallery of Scotland has an exhibition of the work of Andy Warhol on the twentieth anniversary of his death. They have wrapped his famous images of soup cans around the columns, an architectural trend that we hope stops here. The images of banal consumer packaging as art seem more powerful today than they did then.

Jonathan Jones of the Guardian says "Twenty years have passed since Andy Warhol died during what was expected to be a routine gallbladder operation. He was 58, and his sudden end was neither a bang nor a whimper, but meaningless. Every year since, his art has become more perversely alive."

Andy Warhol: A Celebration of Life ... and Death, National Galleries of Scotland, The Mound, Edinburgh, August 4-October 7.
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"It is a tremendous exhibition in a beautiful venue: a spacious neoclassical hall on the Mound, where Warhol's art has air and light. American art of his era demands elbow room and gets it in a show that is nothing less than a passionate essay on why Warhol is a great artist."

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