Creative Collective Brings 'Seed Storm' to Latvian City

Cattail SeedsKUT/Video screen capture

A Latvian creative collective that goes by the name of Kut created an event in the city of Riga where they brought a little bit of nature and an early snowstorm using cattail seeds.

Kut’s description of the event they called “Oh Joy!

We brought the country to the city. To revive the grey concrete, to break the routine and give you a moment to reflect on what we are and where we are going. Sometimes surprises just happen and we have no influence over them but we do have influence over our perception. How ready are you to accept whatever life throws at you with a smile?

Oh Joy! Seed StormKUT/Video screen capture

Oh Joy Snow StormKUT/Video screen capture

seed storm, Oh Joy, KUTKUT/Video screen capture

Watch "Oh Joy!"

Oh Joy! from kut on Vimeo.

As someone who lives in an area where the cottonwood tree seeds naturally create a similar event, I couldn’t help but laugh as I saw Kut members collecting the seeds from the cattails and head into town. Watching people play in the drifts of fluff from the cattail seeds as one would in a pile of freshly fallen snow is pretty cool.

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Creative Collective Brings 'Seed Storm' to Latvian City
An artificial snow storm recently hit a Latvian city -- instead of snow, seeds flew through the air.

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