Create Your Own Custom Solar Car and Win $1,000 USD from Kia

Kia Sol Car Designed by Etnies Image

Image via: Antenna Magazine

Don't we wish it were that easy: Just go online, pick all the green attributes you want, and then pick up you own custom solar car the next week or month at a dealership. You could add solar panels, make it a plug-in, add a charging port for your iPod and make the dimensions just roomy enough for your family without requiring a special permit to park it in a normal parking space. Oh well, we can always dream. Now Kia wants you to dream big on their website by designing your own custom (solar) car for a chance to win $1,000USD.

Interior Kia Soul Car Designed by Etnies Image

Image via: Antenna Magazine

Antenna Magazine and Kia have partnered to create the Soul Xpressions which is an exhibit that displays Kia Souls designed by icons in the world of music, technology and fashion. Etnies, for example, designed a "reclaimed" car with recycled wetsuits for the seats, bamboo accents and recycled skate wheels for the gear shift. Smart Design, on the other hand, put solar panels on the roof to charge electronics and a special charging tray on the dash, added a parking finder application, installed Sol ID to access music and even installed LEDs and LCDs that chance color with your changing mood.

The Kia Soul is that boxy car with the windows that seem to wrap around all four sides. They are relatively new and get between 24 and 30mpg estimated. For this contest, Kia allowed the different artists a Soul car to design to their liking and then put all of the autos on display online.

To enter the contest, simply check out the Antenna Magazine website, download the image of the car and get to expressing designing your own Kia. While you're on the site, you can check out the other designed cars. Best of luck and may the creative forces be with you.

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