Crazy Green Crocodiles for Sale on Habbo!


Well, green seems to be the color of the month over at Habbo, a social networking site for kids not so unlike 2nd Life, the massively popular online experience that recently experienced the effects of global warming First I hear that they're teaming up with the Earth Day Network on operation Green Teen to educate kids about the environment and sell them eco-friendly furniture, and then when I get there I realize they've also decided to sell Crocs as pets! Seems you can be certain to help keep your Croc happy by purchasing some T-Bones (sold individually or in value packages of six), a Crocodile basket because they tend to get "snappy in the morning", and even a "Marzipan Man", so just in case your Croc is unusually well behaved you can reward them with a tasty treat shaped like a real man! What will they think of next? I'm not so certain But I'm definitely excited by the prospects of them selling eco-furniture to kids. Let's face it, how many kids ever even think of buying a sustainable product in the real world? And how many are truly aware of what the term even means? So the prospect of introducing kids to sustainable furniture online definitely gets me excited While they're networking away online, the ones who are picking up their eco-furniture for Earth Day will most certainly be sending the message to everyone else that TreeHugging is cool! Now, of course you'll have to actually PAY for that eco-furniture, even if it is virtual, so 10% of all eco-furniture purchases go to the Earth Day Network, just in time for Earth Day. And with all of this crazy green stuff going on over at Habbo, I've got just one question . How does a pet croc mix with anyone's furniture, sustainable or not?