Crazy Crayons — Drawing Attention to Recycling

Tipster James W, had seen our post on refillable whiteboard markers, and thought we should also cover a few other treehuggery style writing implements. One of his suggestions was Crazy Crayons. Created by LuAnn Foty, who will be an inspiration to our DIY fans, these crayons come in 26 different shades, packaged in a recycled cardboard box, containing tree-free scribble paper and finished with a straw grass ribbon. The Crayon Recycle Program accepts in old crayons stubs and melts them down (at one point using modified aluminium cans, and skillets rescued from yard sales for this operation). The liquid crayon is given a new life by being pouring into a quirky mould to set. LuAnn sends some of created crayons back as a courtesy payment to the people who originally mailed in the stubs. Crayon Crayons website, (whose design only a 4 and three quarters y.o. could love) hasn’t been updated for while, but James assures us the business stills operates. Though they might be competing against the craft industry, such as this Martha Stewart site, where we found the images, which gives how-to instructions for a very similar product. Over about a ten year period Crazy Crayons has saved over 16,000 pounds (7,250 kg) of petroleum based, unwanted crayons from going to landfill. Buy or donate at ::Crazy Crayons Thanks James.