Craghoppers Becoming Treehuggers


Although maybe not quite in the same league as Berghaus, whom we noted the other week, Craghoppers, is another leading outdoor clothing supplier in the UK that is taking steps to be greener. (And all the more credit to them being a smaller business.) They contend they’ve been the first company in their industry to declare its operations ‘Carbon Neutral’.

Their greenhouse gas emissions were assessed by The Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management. Since the assessment they’ve been reducing carbon output by involving staff in taking the easy steps to save energy, both in the office and at home, part of which includes a paper recycling programme. Where emissions aren’t being reduced, they are 'offset', via CarbonNeutral projects around the world. These include a wind farm in New Zealand (at one of the few Gold Standard projects in Oceania, we suspect) and energy efficient light bulbs in Jamaica.

Jim McNamara, the Managing Director at Craghoppers said, "We supply outdoor clothing and therefore are passionate about protecting the environment; it's inherent in our culture. The whole company is behind this commitment and there are lots of small ways in which everyone can get involved in reducing carbon emissions." A short list of actions that customers can take too is included on their website.

They also promise to produce their printed materials on 100% recycled paper, and ensure that packaging is biodegradable, as well helping little old hedgehogs cross the road! ::Craghoppers, via a web crawl.

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