Craft and Science are Combined in One New Exhibition

marzipan baby photo

Photo: B.Alter

The Power of Making is the new craft show at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. It's a mix of craft and science: a coming-together of the disciplines.

With more than 200 objects, the show explores how different materials can be used in imaginative ways. Think edible baby made out of marzipan (aaaagh, see above), ceramic eye patches and a giant crocheted bear. The eclectic objects are drawn from across the world and show a range of skills; from the crafty to the high tech. Some are spectacular: a giant 3 metre tall gorilla made out of coat hangers. A life-sized bear crocheted: the artist calls her work crochetdermy, likening it to taxidermy. And a full length dress made out of dressmaker pins.

Others are technical: an artificial eye maker, a personal, portable 3D printer and an electronic prosthetic arm.

poland pants photo

Photo: B. Alter

And others are just fun. Like the handmade lace g-string from Poland. It is a result of the diversification from table cloths and doilies and altar cloths, which weren't selling to lingerie, which did. It was controversial but it has enabled local traditional skills to continue, in a modern market.

splint bike photo

Photo: B. Alter

The SplinterBike is a 100% wooden bicycle. It came as a result of a challenge to make a bicycle using no bolts or screws, just wood and glues. Find the broom included as part of it.

Then there is a mahogany bicycle made by a skilled boat builder who used steam-bent timber to make it, a technique used to build boat hulls.

fendi bag photo

Photo: B. Alter

Fendi, the handbag company, has created this kit to foil the knock-off problem. Fashionistas can make their own, sanctioned, copy of the much-desired baguette handbag.

red coffin photo

Photo: B. Alter

Coffins are popular. There is a wicker coffin made out of willow boughs which are sustainable and regenerate repeatedly. And then there is the ecopod, made out of recycled newspapers and hand finished with paper made from 100% mulberry pulp.

bar dress photo

Photo: B. Alter

And for the woman who has everything: a dress made out of beads with your own QRU code woven into it. Anyone can have instant access to your personal life, oops web site. Made for an Icelandic pop star, the "super-self-promotional-dress" allows her to promote herself whilst performing since it is composed of different QR codes that link to different promotional material online.

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