Cradle To Cradle In Practice— A Workshop With Dr. Michael Braungart


After Petz got naked and wet with William McDonough and Michael Braungart last week in her bath we are excited to announce an opportunity to meet Michael Braungart in person, although we must add though he will probably be dry and clothed on this occasion! In collaboration with the Enlighten Next project Michael Braungart will lead a workshop in London next month on the Cradle to Cradle philosophy pioneered by himself and Bill McDonough in their book of the same name. We are told this is ‘your opportunity to learn how to incorporate Cradle to Cradle into your business process and product design as well as finding a network for support and potential collaboration’. There will also be two case study speakers: Albin Kalin ex CEO of Rohner Textiles and Studio 7.5 the designers of the award winning Mirra chair manufactured by Herman Miller. Enlighten Next is an international organisation, founded by spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen, endeavoring to define the contours of a new human consciousness and culture. It aims to bring together individuals who are in search of a new direction for life in the twenty-first century. Thanks to Dave Pendle for telling TH about this workshop. Cradle to Cradle In Action, November 8th 2006 at Enlighten Next, 13 Windsor Street, London N1 8QG . Book before Tuesday 10th October (quick that's tomorrow!) to save £50 on the ticket price. :: Enlighten Next