Cows With Guns, by Dana Lyons

Numbered among Treehugger readers are vegans and animal rights advocates, some of whom are less than thrilled by references we make to products containing wool, meat, leather and so on. As we will continue to offer a broad selection of eco-products, that may include such attributes, we thought it might be appropriate to, at least, honour their zeal and passion with this little tribute to Dana Lyon’s classic song. For the 1% of you that haven’t encountered Cows with Guns be prepared for an absolute treat. It has been a phenomenon. No.1 in Seattle, No. 2 on the Australian Country charts and 6 months in the Irish Top Forty. Since writing the song 10 years ago, Dana has seen it turn into a Penguin book and even a web-based Flash animated ‘feature’ (link below). Go watch, you’ll udderly love it. He’s even recorded a Spanish version: Vacas Con Pistoles ! (Dana has also released another children’s book The Tree, endorsed by primate conservationist Jane Goodall, with forwards by Julia Butterfly Hill and Pete Seeger.) ::Cows With Guns