Coupons for Natural Living in NYC

green apple.jpg
The Green Apple: Coupons for Natural Living in NYC is a coupon book for New Yorkers. Its mission? To prove that living an organic, natural and eco-friendly lifestyle is indeed affordable. And to help you make it more so. Though you have to buy the book to get the coupons, it also doubles as guide for resources throughout the city and features relevant articles. Plus, the 200 discount coupons redeemable at all kinds of stores, restaurants, and fitness and yoga centers appear to be worth the price tag. If you don't live in the Green Apple, don't fret--nearly 150 of the coupons can be used online or through mail-order. Books are available Nov. 30, but you can pre-order them now. Thanks for the tip Andrea! $19.95 ::The Green Apple [by MO]