Couple to Wed Thanks to 400,000 Recycled Cans

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After Pete Geyer and Andrea Parrish became engaged, they decided to say "I can" before saying "I do," and in more ways than one. The couple worked to make their wedding not just a celebration of the love they have for each other, but to show a bit of love to the planet as well--by funding the ceremony solely through the recycling of aluminum cans. With a modest wedding budget set at around $4000 to pay for dresses, DJs, food, and flowers, the recycling couple pulled out all the stops to collect the 400,000 cans it would take to reach their goal. According to the Spokane couple's Web site, after 197 days of collecting cans the pair managed meet their target just in time for their July 31 wedding day, but not without some help. Having rounded up some 280,000 cans themselves, gathering national attention in the process, the remaining cans were donated by Alcoa and United Recycling Services.

To some people, the idea of budgeting a wedding based on how many cans they're able to collect may seem less than romantic, but it wasn't just about saving money, the couple explains to Offbeat Bride:

When I got further into the research of the impact that the just 400,000 cans would have, I would definitely say that the environmental impacts are equal to, if not more important than the budget friendliness.

Although their wedding is now paid for in full, having turned aluminum into cash, the soon-to-be newlyweds show no sign of ending their recycling ways. The couple is now planning on funding their honeymoon in a similar fashion, but this time they're giving back; 60 percent of the money they collect this time around will go to Doctors Without Borders and the Rim Country Land Institute.

No word yet on how many cans will be trailing the newlyweds' car after the ceremony, but I suspect they'll be taking them all the way to the bank.

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