Countdown: 10 Days Until Earth Hour


2008: candlelight dinner with our new puppy
Earth Hour is ten days away, Saturday, March 27. That is ten whole days for skeptics to call it a pointless exercise that doesn't save any energy at all, and that lighting candles is worse for the environment, and for jerks to write in comments that they are going to turn on all their lights to neutralize it. But in fact, where people actually did pay attention to it, Earth Hour made a difference. Not just in power consumed, but in attitudes.

2009: Earth Hour Dinner with Friends

Last year, a good friend started hosting Earth Hour dinner parties. As soon as Earth Hour started the kids were all thrown out to play outside while the adults had a lovely candlelight dinner. This year, all iPhones, Blackberries and cells are being collected upon admission so that everyone has a completely electronics-free hour. I don't know if I can cope.

Burning candles instead of electricity is symbolic. Some would say it is symbolic of all the wrong things, a "useless act by misguided eco-luddites." But as Hank at Eco-Geek said last year,

The candle is not saving any energy, it's just making the world a little softer for one evening. And, hopefully, it will remind us of the gifts that technology brings us, so maybe we can not take them for granted quite so much.

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