Could you do a digital detox? (Survey)

Maslow's Hierarchy of needs updated
via Maslow's Hierarchy of needs updated

My hands started shaking when I read Katherine's recommendation in Give yourself the gift of a digital detox this Christmas: " Set apart a minimum of 2 days completely free from the web: no email, Netflix, or Instagram. Just you. Your loved ones. A board game, a book, or an afternoon skating." TreeHugger Melissa said "I'd rather live on just water for two days."

And indeed, for many, the modern update of Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs rings very true. I wrote about my own digital addition on MNN last summer:

I don’t think addiction is too strong a word. I know I would use it to describe myself. I get twitchy if I can't check Twitter or Feedly. I pretend that it’s all for work — I write for a living and need incoming content, ideas and news to feed the machine, but it's beyond that. It has become an obsession. I can’t leave my phone because I might miss a good Instagram shot. And now I even have an Apple Watch pinging notifications at me at all times of day.

I am not certain that I could do a digital detox, unless I went somewhere without internet or cellphone service and was forced into it. Could you?

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