Could Turning Out Lights Ruin Your Relationships?

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Well thats up to a jury of your peers (or a peanut gallery, if you prefer) to decide. The new site allows roommates, coworkers, neighbors, siblings, and those in relationships of any kind to air out their differences in front of a global audience. Beware of using this site at work, as reading about one train wreck after another can be addicting.While still a relatively new site, oddly enough, one couple chose to use the site in order to find a common ground with environmentally-friendly lifestyle changes. His error: that turning out lights and turning down thermostats was not only cheap but was also causing the family to live in misery. Remember the rule: "If its yellow, let it mellow. If its brown, flush it down"? Well, lets just say she didn't find it very funny. His defense: while never directly saying he was doing any of this to improve his carbon footprint or save the planet, he was paying the bills each month and wanted to include these things to save the family money. It seems just about everything (good or bad) can be linked back to the environment these days, and now even personal relationships aren't safe.

Will we see more of these and similar cases as we each struggle to come to terms with the state of the planet and our role in its future? The recent rise in green dating and speed dating services shows that there is growing interest for people wanting to start a relationship from a common (green) ground, rather than missionary dating: hoping that eventually they can convert their new love over to the green side.

Was he wrong? Was she? You be the judge. allows two parties to each, in roughly 300 words or less, tell their side of the story. Then, anyone passing by the site can read the article and in a few sentences become Judge Judy ruling on the case.

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