Could Board Games Challenge Television in A Carbon Conscious World?

Settlers of Catan gadl Flickr photo

Mark did a post the other day on a couple that have reduced the electronic clutter of their life and turned their back on TV, the internet and digital music. Some readers wondered what they did with their time instead. The post and comments led me to ponder my childhood, which was also bereft of such electrical contrivances. But we did have big sheets of brightly printed cardboard!

If we are truly committed to reducing our carbon emissions should we be turning off electricity guzzling televisions, in favour of rediscovering the person-to-person social, and brain exercising, benefits of good old board games? And if so, what classic (or new) games will you be dusting off?

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I fondly recall spending cold nights and rainy days sprawled on the lounge room floor, in front of the crackle of an open fire, playing board games as simple as Chinese Checkers or Draughts, and as elaborate as Escape from Colditz. These days I’m more taken with other strategy games like Settlers of Catan.

Images: Top - Gadl on Flickr and Lower - Board Game Geek

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