Cotton Monsters


Kids need toys, one or two anyway. Many studies show that when kids play, they are actually learning, we are not talking about 'educational toys', but soft cuddly toys too. Using dolls and monsters and other plush toys help children to use their imagination, role play various scenarios from real life and learn about their environment and their role in it. The plush monsters made by Cotton Monster, hold plenty of imaginative possibilities. These cotton monsters are all handmade from recycled materials, making them not only pretty cool and unusual but eco friendly too.
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Top image: Moonglu Sea Monster, second image: Elsa Big Monster, third image: Mortor Monster

All monsters and crazy creatures are made of old recycled clothes, blankets and sheets. Bringing new life to discarded linens of comfort. Each one is hand made with love by Jennifer, without a pattern, so no two are exactly alike. Reach your hand deep into your monster's mouth to hide treasures, protect secrets, or to amuse your buddies. The pocket in the Sea Monster's mouth goes way up into its head!!
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