Corporate Knights: Creating a Responsible Corporate Culture

We were not quite sure what to make of the magazine Corporate Knights when Ron Dembo gave us a copy last week. The odd name did not say anything to us but when we read their mission statement- "Bad corporations can poison the water we drink, prop up brutal dictatorships, assassinate inconvenient indigenous leaders and swindle billions from shareholders and governments through tax evasion and accounting shenanigans. We believe that bad companies will be eclipsed by Corporate Knights, corporations that make money for their shareholders, enhance their national and local communities of operation, leave as small a footprint as possible on the environment, treat employees well, and keep customers happy." We perked up. (Collin alluded to them earler in Treehugger here) The magazine and website is devoted to working with business to create a "responsible corporate culture [that] can foster a more livable world for all." You can read the entire magazine (issues on water, air and forestry) in PDF form or selected articles online- the writing is good and the content substantive. We wish the name reflected the intent and content more accurately; we didn't get it.. ::Corporate Knights Hybrid gearheads should read the zerofootprintCARS PDF section.