Corporate Climate Response: Business Solutions to the Climate Crisis


It seems like almost every company is trying to respond to climate change these days. From Wal-Mart, to Google, and even the formerly climate sceptic Fox News Network, corporations are falling overthemselves to appear to be doing something about the major crisis we are facing. Predictably, as the trend of corporate climate responsibility grows, so does the industry of providing solutions to the corporate world. This is where events like Corporate Climate Response, taking place in London from May 29th - 31st, come in. Billed as "an event that offers practical advice on cutting your companys carbon footprint... [and brings together] companies, public sector organizations and regulators to discuss solutions for reducing CO2 emissions."

Event highlights are to include 21 Case studies from early adopters including: Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Wal-Mart, BT, Standard Chartered Bank, Asda, Whole Foods Market, John Lewis Waitrose, City of London, Boots, 02, Unilever, Manchester City Football Club, Allied Distillers, and many more. The program also feature panel discussions with experts from Solarcentury, Ecotricity, The Climate Group, DEFRA and the Federation of Small Businesses. Interestingly, one whole day is dedicated to climate change and the food industry - perhaps delegates may want to take a look at our guide on How to Green Your Meals for inspiration on which issues to address.

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