Core77's One Hour Design Competition: Water-Saving in the Bathroom


Our pals over at Core77 have launched a fun new idea: a "One Hour Design Competition," where you take an hour out of your life to conceive, sketch and render a concept for a new life-changing design. The contest is only open for a week, and the winner gets a Nintendo Wii (which you can then mod it to run on solar power). This week's theme is water-saving designs for the bathroom, and they've already got a handful of great ideas.

"Bucket," pictured above (with a larger version below the fold), is the most "'duh' simple, elegant and low-tech" -- it's a bucket that sits in your shower and collects some of the greywater that splashes off in the shower, so you can use it for watering plants and the like -- while the more subversive "Decoy Drain" (also pictured below the fold) persistently floods the shower stall, forcing your lazy roommate to hurry up and get out. Check out all the submissions on their forums, and get all the details at their site. Remember, the deadline is Monday, August 13, so hurry up, save some water and win yourself a Wii. ::Core77's One Hour Design Competition


"Bucket" is an awesomely simple greywater collection device.


"Decoy Drain" uses the threat of a flood to inspire short showers and water conservation.