Core77's Next One Hour Design Competition: Ban the Plastic Bag


The good folks over at Core77 have launched another of their One Hour Design Competitions (where you spend an hour conceiving, sketching and rendering a world-saving design concept -- we've mentioned them before) and this one's all about a subject close to TreeHugger's heart: ban the plastic bag.

The deadline is looming -- this Monday, October 8 -- but it only takes an hour, and you win a shiny new iPod nano (without a bag) for your efforts; submit your entries here. The challenge: "come up with innovative ways to get rid of the ubiquitous plastic bag. 60,000 of these things are used every 5 seconds in the U.S. alone (that totals, if you can believe it, to 43 million bags used during your one hour of design challenge. World-wide, the number of plastic bags used each year is a staggering 4,000,000,000,000). Better get to it." Hit the jump to see a few of the entries already received, and good luck! ::Core77 One Hour Design Competition: Ban the Plastic Bag


"Plant Bag" -- "A biodegradable bag that uses organic fertilizer for print and contains an embedded flower seed. The bag contains everything needed to grow a real flower and gains value. Once planted, the user is able to see actual evidence of the effect they have on the environment."


"(Heart) Your Plant with Pierced" -- "Pierced is conservation on several levels. On the surface it eliminates plastic bags, while its limiting nature encourages smarter shopping. Less buying in bulk and consuming needlessly. It could also cause manufacturers to rethink their packaging in order to accommodate Pierced's design, less plastic and waste. Imagined for grocers, baggers need only to slip the products onto the rope, made of a cheap fiber mesh, before fastening."

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