Cooperating with Images - La Lluna

How do charities, NGO’s and social services promote their work? Well usually with a lot of difficulty since graphic designers, photographers and ad execs all come at a very high price. But here in Barcelona it seems as though good causes are getting some good help...
La Lluna is an organization which is comprised of graphic designers, photographers, illustrators and other collaborators of imagery. These volunteers offer their professional services and support for free to those working within strictly limited financial boundaries. Commonly, organizations involved in social and community work, international aid, environmental work and health services are those which go to La Lluna seeking assistance.
So far La Lluna has 650 volunteers, from various graphic disciplines, registered with them. They have completed projects for 40 different organizations, such as Payasos sin Fronteras , S.O.S. Racismo, and the Barcelona Civic Association (AIDS awareness campaign for Catalonia). They hold weekly meetings to discuss and develop current projects in Barcelona’s School of Graphic Design and welcome anyone to come and take part if they are interested.
La Lluna serves two purposes simultaneously. By offering professional design services for free to those who need it most, they are atthe same time providing an alternative creative platform for design students and young professionals. It is their aim, while helping others to draw attention to their own causes, to build a creative, cooperative community that brings various graphic design disciplines together under one umbrella and creates an innovative design dialogue.

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