Coolest Animal Attack Viral Vids for Mother's Day

Mothers Day is next Sunday (hint, hint). To get you in the mood, TreeHugger gives you our top picks for viral videos of Moms in the wild. This is nature at its most raw, most violent, most competitive. Inspirational. Awesome. Watch it with your mother, you will need a hug when it is over.

The Battle at Kruger, above, rates first place. If evolution is about the survival of the fittest, what does "The Battle at Kruger" say to us? The pride of lions beats out the giant crocodile, but in the end the baby buffalo wins, thanks to cooperation. Just think what we could accomplish if we humans could pull together against the threats to our survival. Certainly not by coincidence, Caught on Safari: The Battle at Kruger, will premiere on the National Geographic Channel on Mother's Day, May 11, 2008, at 9pm EST.

Further to the water buffalo theme, second place goes to this wildcast video for its touching reunion of Mom and baby.

Changing species from water buffalo versus lions to wildebeest versus wild african dogs, this clip rates for the happiest ending -- at least for the wildebeest. The poor dogs go home hungry. We bet they still love their moms though.

Via ::YouTube

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