Cool It Schools Invites Positive Action From Young People Worldwide

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Influential, powerful adults around the world are struggling to deal with the concept of climate change and what we should do about it, from big business to big governments there's a lot of umming and ahhhing going on. Frankly, it's time to bring in the kids! As I experienced in my recent public installation project, The Butterfly Effect, it really is the kids who are most clued up about what's going on, plus they're the most adaptable humans on the planet - change doesn't scare 'em! The new global initiative Cool It Schools knows this too and is now calling out for creative positive action from young people around the world.Founder of the Cool It Schools project, Jane Langley, asks that young people, "Get together to explore climate change through art, science, creative writing, music, drama and technology, then document and upload the results into your very own Cool it Schools Showcase. From sketches to finished works you can edit your entries anytime. Don't forget you need to ask your teachers to join in"

This British artist was inspired to start Cool It Schools after hearing Thomas L Friedman, author of 'Hot, Flat and Crowded' give a talk on Global Warming, seeing the potential in giving students a public forum for their creative thinking. Langley is currently working on a multimedia installation with The Charter School in London called 'Some Like It Hot'.

The installation, on display in July, will deal with eight subjects from warming oceans to the use of reusable energy sources and is made from recycled paper and costumes and props from the National Theatre. Students will also be involved in undertaking scientific research to inform their interpretations, writing poetry and composing musical outcomes to highlight the issue. Head teacher David Sheppard is excited about the project, " An opportunity to create something to highlight such a crucial issue and then to showcase it both physically in our school, but also electronically across the world was a chance too good to miss"

Some Like It Hot
is just one of the many hundreds and hopefully thousands of creative climate change projects that will gradually be showcased on the Cool It Schools site. One of the project's big aims is to showcase student's work at the climate change congress in Copenhagen in December. If you want your school to join in then please register here.
Cool It Schools
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