Cool Hunting Green A.K.A. Cool Green Stuff


Wandering around a bookshop yesterday we espied a book not seen before. Cool Hunting Green. Wow, our initial thought being that our mates at the Cool Hunting blog have simultaneously gone print and green. Picking up the squat, squarish volume—subtitled 'Recycled, repurposed and renewable objects that inspire a greener world'—and thumbing through it reminded this writer of TreeHugger's early days. Back when we focussed on funky green design, before expanding into the broader eco lifestyle realm.

In fact, the pages of the book brought on a definite sense of déjà vu. Minimal words combined with bright, clean photography of unusual green objects, both the functional and the artistic. The bulk of which looked as if they've previously graced the pixels of this site. Like Liana Kabel's lolly-like recycled jewellery, which graces the cover of both editions. Yep, two versions.

'Cos, you see, Cool Hunting Green seems to have no tie to the Cool Hunting website at all, and, maybe due to this, in the USA, where it is due for release today, it will be known as 'Cool Green Stuff: A Guide to Finding Great Recycled, Sustainable, Renewable Objects You Will Love.' "Each product is coupled with an explanation of its environmental significance, the materials used to create it, and its website so you can buy it," says the US blurb. The designers of these products are, according to the original Aussie publishers "hailing 'green' as the new 'black' and taking up the call to reduce, reuse and repurpose existing resources in their products to inspire a greener world. The most ingenious designers know it can be done without sacrificing creativity, style or functionality."

If you like your eco eye candy on a reflective rather than transmissive medium, then either book may be for you. ::Cool Hunting Green.

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