Cool Heads Tackle Global Warming: Sierra, May-June

After reading a New York Review of Books essay by NASA scientist James Hansen that criticized the media's giving air time or print space to "fringe contrarians" on climate science, writer Marilyn Berlin Snell imagined bringing together a group of influential and diverse leaders to discuss solutions to global warming. On December 14, 2006, Snell's imagined gathering became a reality: Al Gore, Vinod Khosla, Paul Anderson, Carl Pope, and others, gathered at the Sierra Club headquarters ready to talk about answers. The latest issue of Sierra, the official magazine of the Sierra Club, gives readers an inside look at that important discussion, along with excerpts from comments by Gore and California Senator Barbara Boxer.

Other features in this issue include a display of photographer Elizabeth Carmel's pictures of the High Sierra, and a look at the activities of the Eco Club at South Los Angeles' Crenshaw High School. Regular departments profile Tesla Motors' Martin Eberhard and crime-fighting botanist Jane Bock. And if you're looking for suggestions on outdoor adventure for this Spring or Summer, Jim Brandenburg points to Northern Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. A subscription to Sierra is one of the numerous benefits that comes with a membership in the Sierra Club. ::Sierra, May-June 2007