Cool Aid: The National Carbon Test


Well, you know that something is on the mind of Jane and Joe Public when commercial TV stations start running a "world premiere television event" to tap into the zeitgeist. Australia's Network Ten will be rolling out their two hour 'COOL AID: The National Carbon Test' program on Sunday 4 March 2007. Apparently they will be auditing the environmental footprint of selected households with a view to showing how people can do more to reduce their own lead foot. The program's website already has tips on greenpower, water saving showerheads, compact fluorescent lighting, solar hot water and insulation (neatly tied to sponsors links.) Celebs, such as Tim Flannery, Peter Garrett and even surf legend, Mark Occhilupo, will appear, as does Al Gore (he's everywhere!). But the network has also teamed up with the likes of Planet Ark, WWF, the Institute for Sustainable Futures and CSIRO to give the program extra credibility. The only fly in the ointment, is that the national broadcaster, who produce excellent programs like this one on peak oil, will be showing Kylie Minogue's Showgirl - Homecoming Tour at the same time as Cool Aid. May the usual entrenched viewing patterns prevail, and the greening of mainstream Australia continue on its merry way. Because Ten plan to "shock Australians- confront them- amuse them- inspire them." Fingers crossed they succeed. ::Cool Aid.

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