Convince Your Boss to Send You to The Feast Conference and Become Empowered to Create Change

The Feast Conference in NYC PHOTO

Rarely there are conferences so meaningful, important and fun as the Feast, held by All Day Buffet in New York next week. No matter what sector you are working in, creativity, business and social responsibility are valuable things to apply to whatever you do. With conscious consumerism, social responsibility and environmental sustainability becoming more and more mainstream, you don't want to stay behind. So to inspire you to creating world-shaking change, All Day Buffet has organised a full line-up of cross-disciplinary speakers that can provide key insights and teachings regarding challenges, successes and best practices. And of course a good part of the Feast Conference is meeting hundreds of passionate innovators like you. If you think this is just anther conference, think again! All Day Buffet have been inspired by conferences like TED, Pop!Tech and SXSW, but have added their own touches. The first day features an incredible line-up of multidisciplinary professionals such as professional poker players, farmers, musicians and educators to just name a few. The host for the day will be Cindy Gallop, founder of IfWeRanTheWorld, who surprised TED with a frank talk about pornography this year. Speakers include the Grammy-nominated musician Kenna, Slow Food USA president Joshua Viertel, Rod Arnold from charity: water, Uffe Elbaek, founder of the KaosPilot, Elizabeth Scharpf of she:sustainable health enterprises, and many more. Click here for a full list of the Feast speakers and read why each speaker has been chosen for the Feast.

As if that wasn't inspiring enough, the day after offers plenty of other events to get involved with, such as the Feast Kitchen and Feast Workshops. If you are wondering what's cooking in the kitchen, it's some very innovative and creative entrepreneurs looking to make the world a better place. 10 startups have 5 minutes each to pitch in front of 3 judges and an audience full of investors, entrepreneurs, and press.

If you are still not clear what you will be feasting on:

The Feast Conference gathers the world's greatest innovators from across industries and society to empower, inspire and engage each other in creating world-shaking change.

Attend the Feast with over 370 professionals ranging from non-profit leaders to tech entrepreneurs and industrial designers. In order for everyone to come to the Feast, All Day Buffet asks those who can afford to pay higher prices to micro-sponsor the event (1,000$), which in turn allows them to offer tickets to Feast Fellows for only 99$. A regular ticket is 250$, and remember, you're not only paying for the conference but supporting a movement.

The Feast Conference will be held on October 1st 2009 at The Times Centre in New York City, 9am-5pm. Register here, only a few tickets left!
The Feast Kitchen and Workshop take place on October 2nd 2009 in NYC. ::The Feast Conference ::All Day Buffet