Conversations on the Greening of Architecture and Design at LEFT/BRAIN/RIGHT


Material Connexion is "the world's leading knowledge base for information about new and innovative materials." We are looking forward to attending Left/Brain/Right, , where Andrew Dent, VP of Materials and Library Research, will "discuss the sustainable materials and technologies that are transforming design today and the future opportunities that will redefine our built environment."
Li Edelkoort, founder and President of Trend Union, will "discuss the new bridges between Lifestyles and Architecture in the context of Green: the window into our souls that is altering our society, our landscapes, our aspirations, our surroundings, our surfaces and our notion of home and design."

Edelkoort continues:

"Green is more than the new black. It is the window into our souls and the blueprint for our future.
Greening has emerged as a state of mind, a deepening and widening philosophy for living that is altering our landscapes, our aspirations, our surroundings, our surfaces, and our notion of home.

The emergence of "slow" buildings is chipping away at the prevalence of fast-food architecture. We are drawing locally-harvested colors, textures, and customs into the home in socially and environmentally responsible ways and collapsing the divide between rural and urban."

::LEFT/BRAIN/RIGHT Monday, May 19th, Tishman Auditorium, New York City