Conversations in Design: A World Without Oil

What will the world be like when we run out of oil? Some think it will be pretty much the same as it is now, just with different cars. Others think that it will be fundamentally different. At last year's symposium Reimagining Cities: Urban Design after the Age of Oil, it seemed that attendees didn't take the problem seriously,, and William Rees of UBC complained: "I'm concerned that there seems to be a great gulf between the urgency of the problem and the solutions we appear to be willing to make."

Perhaps it will be different in January, when an eclectic group of designers is going to look at the problem of not just urban design, but the wider design field, at Conversations in Design: A World Without Oil. It is a one-day session in Toronto's Design Exchange, organized by MMPI Canada, the people who put together the Interior Design Show, IIDEX and Explore Design.

According to the press release,

They will share their practical experiences in sustainable design, and dare to dream of a society that is no longer dependent on oil. The symposium will provide critical insight to new and alternative practices, materials, technologies and products. It will challenge its audience to think outside the box, and ultimately illuminate and inspire on the provocative subject of A World Without Oil.


Speakers include Fritz Haeg of Edible Estates (see TreeHugger: TreeHuggerTV - Edible Estates and Edible Estates), Bruce Mau (TreeHugger: Massive Change), Dayna Baumeister (TreeHugger: Mother Nature Knows Best) and more.

See the bios of all of the speakers at Conversations in Design: A World Without Oil

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