"Conversations about Sustainable Enterprise" Series Continues with Jeffrey Hollender


The second part of the "Conversations on the Art and Practice Sustainable Enterprise" audioconference series starts today at 1pm EST, and features host Peter Senge in conversation with Jeffrey Hollender, President and CEO of Seventh Generation and author of How to Make the World a Better Place and What Matters Most. According to the series' promotional materials, the conversation between these two will focus on Hollender's bold vision for a more sustainable world, and the role business can play in achieving that goal:

Jeffrey Hollender, CEO and Chief Inspiration Officer of Seventh Generation will talk about his vision for a world where business ceases to reduce its negative impact on the world, and instead, envisions a world without threats of global warming and toxic chemicals, and where Wal-Mart is transformed into the world’s leading eliminator of poverty.

If you share the desire to pursue the possibility for business that both fulfills our highest potential for our children and grandchildren and those who have yet to be born, you will not want to miss this inspiring yet pragmatic interview between Peter Senge, one of the world’s most astute systems thinkers and Jeffrey Hollender, a leading advocate of sustainable business.

If the first of the series' conversations serves as a model for the rest, listeners are in for a real treat. Part One involved a wide-ranging discussion between Senge and Roger Saillant, CEO of Plug Power, on topics ranging from Saillant's leaving Ford Motor Company to join a start-up with big ideas about the role fuel cells could play in a global energy transition, to Plug Power's development of a learning community culture within the company, to its decision to incorporate values of sustainability into both thinking and practice from the beginning. Saillant also discussed his views on energy development in the face of challenges such as peak oil and global warming, and answered questions on how to effectively combine values like sustainability with the pragmatic elements of running a business, and how a company with a triple-bottom-line mission both gauges and meets investor expectations. The discussion was engaging and thoughtful, and provided a inspiring kick-off to this three-part series.

If you missed the first discussion, audio CDs are available for $199; a complete set of audio recordings will be available after all three audioconferences at a discounted price. If you can't wait for a CD on this second one, though, you can register here for the live audioconference. The registration price for a the single event is $225. :: The Sustainability Consortium of the Society for Organizational Learning