"Conversations about Sustainable Enterprise" Audioconference Series


On this Thursday, May 11, the Sustainability Consortium of the Society of Organizational Learning (SoL), in conjunction with J. Ottman Consulting, presents the first of a three-part audioconference series entitled "Leadership and Learning for Sustainability: Conversations on the Art and Practice of Sustainable Enterprise." Each audioconference will feature Peter M. Senge, founding chairperson of SoL and author of The Fifth Discipline: the Art and Practice of the Learning Organization, in conversation with business leaders engaged in learning about and implementing sustainable business practices in their companies.Jacquelyn Ottman, president of J. Ottman Consulting, told me a little bit about the audioconferences and the organization behind them. SoL itself is an intentional learning community based on the principles espoused in Senge's groundbreaking book, and the Sustainability Consortium was created in 1995. "Peter's always been interested in sustainability, so a working group devoted to the subject made sense," Ottman told me. "The consortium was created as a learning community in which business leaders and representatives of environmental organizations could share their knowledge and experiences. At each meeting, executives from companies like Coca-Cola, Ford Motors, Unilever and Harley Davidson meet with a variety of people active in environmental issues." The meetings, hosted by member companies, create learning opportunities for all participants to engage with the concepts and practices of sustainability, regardless of their present activities. "Some of these companies are already actively involved in sustainability," notes Ottman. "Others are interested in learning more about how they can incorporate sustainable practices into their business." Every eighteen months, the consortium holds an "open meeting" to share its learning experiences with other businesses and the general public. "We held a live public meeting in 2004, and will hold our next one in Atlanta in 2007," said Ottman. "We wanted to experiment with audioconferences as a way to further spread our learning to companies of all sizes thinking about incorporating sustainability practices into their business."

There's still time to register for this Thursday's discussion between Senge and Roger Saillant, CEO of Plug Power, a Sustainability Consortium member. Each 90-minute audioconference costs $225 individually, or $595 for all three. We'll also be covering each conversation here at Treehugger. :: Sustainability Consortium of the Society for Organizational Learning