Convergence Festival: Earth Day Conference and Celebration in Ireland


Earth Day is sneaking up on us; with only 20 days to go, it's time to start taking a look at some of the activities and happenings that surround the big day. In Ireland, a country that cares enough about green to put it on its flag, we'll train the spotlight on the 12th Convergence Sustainable Living Festival, a six-day gathering and melting pot of ideas for a more sustainable future from April 17 to April 22. This year, the theme is "Powering Down Our Communities," and, like the Earth Day Network, are focusing on the issues of climate change and Peak Oil as catalysts for sustainable development. The event program features conferences and lectures about eco-travel and sustainable tourism, the relationship between biodiversity and climate change, Ireland's potential development and use of biofuels, even a bicycle maintenance masterclass, all leading up to an Earth Day celebration on April 22. TreeHuggers in Ireland can learn more about the festival on their site and pencil it in for April 17 to April 22. ::Convergence Festival

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