Convenient Truths: Wake Up And Smell The Warming! is a new site dedicated to inspiring international citizens to take action against global problems like climate change. The brainchild of Res Publica, a global civic advocacy group, and, the site's director, Ricken Patel, says it's part of a larger campaign to, "wake up" G8 leaders "to the fact that we are approaching a point of no return on the nightmare of catastrophic global warming." As shown above, the campaign also includes a new TV ad that began airing on Monday to mark the start of G8 agenda setting meetings in Germany. Cities broadcasting the ad include Paris, Berlin, Washington, D.C., and Delhi but additional cities may be added as the campaign grows.

It's important we send a message about climate change to our political leaders, but it's just as vital to provide practical solutions. With only twenty days left to enter Convenient Truths, don't wait to share your solution to climate change with the world. You never know which political leader may be watching!

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