Convenient Truths: Video Submissions to Fuel Your Inner Eco-Competitor

Check out the submissions we’ve got so far for the Convenient Truths contest (awarding $30,000 in prizes!). (This is a random streaming feed but you can watch individual submissions here.) These are good videos, but can you do better?

We’re not so much concerned about the professional quality of videos (remember, they should only be 1-2 minutes and can be shot on either a camcorder or cell phone!), as we are about the quality of the content. We want to know, what step(s) are you taking to help reduce your carbon emissions? Your video should be:1) Inspiring (Does it make me want to do something?)
2) Pragmatic (Does it provide me answers, tools so I can take action?)
3) Compelling (Does it make me laugh, make me sad, make me angry?)

If you’d like to be in the running for the EPIC International Prize, click here for details. The winning video of this category will best address global warming in relation to conscious consumerism.

If you need a little juice to get your camera/cell phone rolling, read yesterday’s contest post to find out what you can do to reduce your carbon emissions for the New Year!

Make a green resolution and enter Convenient Truths!

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