Convenient Truths: Taking it to the Street!

It's difficult to walk away from this video (just in from our friends over at Seventh Generation) without catching Marci Young's infectious need to take action against our day-to-day carbon emissions. Even if you think hitchhiking is a bit too risky a method of transportation, there is still much to be gleaned from Marci's actions: Take note of the local dairy farm she supports, how she chooses to trade clothing with girlfriends over purchasing new threads, and the way she's inspired her mom to take the time to clean out and recycle her cat food cans!

Like Marci, we hope to see some extreme examples of steps you're taking to reduce your carbon emissions, but we are also excited to see your smaller scale solutions. Get inspired and upload your video to Convenient Truths soon. The submission deadline is Feb. 28th!

And just out of curiosity, would you be willing to hitchhike your way towards reduced carbon emissions?

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