Convenient Truths: Satisfy Your Sustainable Tooth!


If you're feeling a little insecure about your video making skills, don't! This contest is about content, not slick production values (hence the 1-2 minute length and our allowance of cell-phone entries!)

What we're really looking for is inspiring content. Inspire us (and your peers) by showing the steps you're taking to help reduce your carbon emissions. Maybe it's something you're doing around the home, at work, while traveling, at the store, or even at a party! That's right, helping stop climate change is not just necessary but fun!

I'm willing to bet almost every TreeHugger reader is contribuiting in a big or small way to this effort, so why not show us and get in the running for prizes valued close to $30,000. (The prizes shown in the above graphic are just a few. See the complete list here.) Even if you don't walk away with the Grand, Second, or Third place prizes, as a Top 10 winner you'll still walk away with major sustainable loot: DriveNeutral offsets for one car for one year, a Comet Bamboo Skateboard, a Solar Style solar charger, a re-purposed Freitag bag, Preserve home products by Recycline, the DVD and book version of An Inconvenient Truth, and Laurie David's signed copy of Stop Global Warming: The Solution Is You! Not only that, but the Top 10 videos will also broadcast on various online outlets including The Weather Channel's One Degree site, and will also be packaged and distributed on an Ironweed DVD compilation.

The deadline to enter is February 28th so upload your video today!

Convenient Truths: Satisfy Your Sustainable Tooth!
What we're really looking for is inspiring

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