Convenient Truths: Only 26 Days Left To Enter!

With only 26 days left to enter, get creative this weekend and enter our Convenient Truths contest! Don’t miss the chance to inspire your peers to take action against climate change and win our selection of sustainable prizes valued close to $30,000.The entry above has been submitted into our EPIC International Prize Category. All non-US residents should enter this category to be eligible for a prize (and a pretty great one, may I add!). Watch how the tension between these two family men and their relationships with their wives and children creates an optimistic look at how a little healthy competition can help pave the way towards convincing folks to reduce their carbon emissions.

Get a feel for what others have submitted by checking out the contest entry posts on our contest site, We are posting all of the entries as they come in, regardless of their eligibilty. Make sure to check out the contest rules to know what we're looking for. We also suggest bookmarking, as we’ll be looking to you in the coming weeks to help narrow down the best videos.

The winning videos will be selected on inspiring, solution-oriented content more than their professional look so don't be afraid to enter some gritty videos. (Cell phone shot entries are welcome!)

In two minutes or less, show us the action(s) you're taking in your daily life to help reduce your carbon emissions. Videos can discuss various components of daily life including transportation, home and garden, work, recreation, etc. For example, are you bicycling to work? Have you lowered the thermostat in your home?

Insider tip: Increase your chances to win by entering two, three, four or more videos!

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