Convenient Truths: Only 13 Days Left To Enter!

There are only thirteen days left to enter Convenient Truths to win your share of the $30,000 in sustainable prizes we're offering. So grab your camcorder or cell phone and start shooting! The entrant above tapped into his son's adorable hosting skills to share their solution. In one to two minutes, share your solution, if not for us matured leafy greens, then for our budding future leaders! Here's what he had to say,"My son and I made this little video about our yellow Beetle that runs on vegetable oil, and the larger possibilities. When I recently showed him 'An Inconvenient Truth', he really wanted to do something about global warming, so we made this video for the contest. While it makes no sense to grow crops for fuel, researchers have shown that algae produces vegetable oil much more efficiently than any food crop can. Not only that, algae produces vegetable oil by "eating" CO2 from factories and power plants, which there seems to be no shortage of... Couple that with the vehicles that are both the most polluting and most often used: commercial trucks and buses, and you have a very real solution to help fight global warming. I hope you enjoy our video!"

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