Convenient Truths: Get Angry And Enter!

While many children across the U.S. were not allowed to watch An Inconvenient Truth in their classroom, those of us who saw the acclaimed documentary know that, the former vice president (and the honored endorser of our Convenient Truths contest) feels morally obliged to not just put climate change to a halt for us adults, but for our children, as they will be the ones who have to live with our mess. If you haven't yet found a good reason to enter our Convenient Truths contest, we hope the Greenpeace International video above will tug at your heartstrings and inspire you to take action, enter, and maybe consider joining Greenpeace's recent Energy Revolution. In conjunction with the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC), specialists from the German Space Agency and more than 30 scientists and engineers from universities, institutes and the renewable energy industry around the world, have created an independently produced report that provides a practical blueprint for how to cut global CO2 emissions in half, while allowing for an increase in energy consumption by 2050.

In the same vein as Convenient Truths, Greenpeace's Energy Revolution believes that while, "Governments and industry need to drive a massive change in the way energy is produced [but] we as individuals also have to drive a massive change in the way we use energy." To support this massive change on an individual scale, they've created 12 pragmatic steps you can take to save electricity, cash, and quite possibly the world for our kids. While you're at it, why not catch your solution on camera and get in the running for close to $30,000 in prizes? Don't wait! The deadline to enter is February 28th!

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