Convenient Truths: And The EPIC International Prize Winner Is...


This being the weekend of EPIC Vancouver's Sustainable Living Expo, it seems only apropos to announce the EPIC International winner of our Convenient Truths contest.

Drum roll please "One Person" by Robin Hays. Congratulations, Robin!

Robin will receive $5,000 CAD for a sustainable shopping spree, a Jorg & Olif Citybike, and a pair of biodegradable Earthangels Shoes from John Fluevog. Not only that, but Robin has been invited to attend EPIC's Sustainable Living Expo this weekend, where she will personally be awarded her prizes on their main stage and where her video will be screened!Get a feel for Robin's EPIC International eco-competitors (43 in total!) here. As for the other non-EPIC entrants, you, our esteemed readers, have chosen your Top 20 and now the voting has been passed to our expert panel of judges. Stay tuned to find out who the Top 10, Grand, Second, and Third Place Prize Winners are!

We'd like to extend a huge thanks to all of our entrants and voters for keeping the inspiration flowing like finely aged, organic wine.

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