Contested Streets: Host Your Own Movie Screening


Have you ever hosted a movie screening right in your own living room? Transportation Alternatives, a 5500-member New York City-area non-profit citizens group working for better bicycling, walking and public transit, and fewer cars, is giving you the opportunity to do so. The organization has recently released a film called "Contested Streets" which looks at how automobiles came to be king in New York City and other cities around the globe. It explores how other cities have started to reclaim their streets. For example: in London it's being done in large part using congestion pricing; in Paris the Mayor is creating auto-free zones in some core areas of the city and they are also investing Bus Rapid Transit; in Copenhagen, the city has slowly but surely created a system of bike lanes and bike parking that make commuting by bike a pleasant and efficient option chosen by vast number of residents. You can view the movie trailer on the website and sign up to turn your living room into a screening room for a night. Help educate friends, neighbors and family members about how cities around the world are reclaiming their streets for people, and how New York City has the potential to lead the way and if it has the courage to stand up to the minority of private car drivers. You can also purchase a copy of the film for your own library as well. ::Transportation Alternatives