Consumerism! The Musical

TreeHugger often treads a fine line when it comes to consumerism. On the one hand, we want businesses to offer better, more sustainable products and services, but on the other hand we recognize that we’ll never achieve balance if we don’t somehow curb society’s appetite for more and more stuff – whether it’s made of bamboo or not. That’s why we enjoyed Consumerism! The Musical, a witty, well produced satire of our credit card culture. Director Brandon McCormick had this to say:

This film is as much about myself than it is about anyone else. It's a satire on the way I sometimes live my life, even when I know better. I think the best satire is internal, much like we did for Smiling Addiction. It's less about being preachy, more about projecting myself into a farcical world.

Remember, when you do feel the need to shop, our myriad guides for How to Go Green may be the perfect place to find more responsible suppliers (and ways of making do with less) – and if you do go to the mall, look out for singing lunatics on segways and monkeys playing the drums. ::Consumerism! The Musical::via YouTube::

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