Connecticut Teen Creates Fashion Statement in Fight Against Global Warming


When 16-year-old Sam Allen realized his devotion to fashion and the fight against global warming could potentially work wonders together he enlisted the help of a few friends and set out to create a line of clothing that would make a difference…

Enter Zero 0 Out, a new line of comfy T-shirts, tank tops and long sleeves created with catchy phrases like WARM IS NOT COOL and SOLAR BARE CLUB emblazoned across them that have even caught the eye of the folks over at Teen Vogue. As they put it,
"We love the clothes and their cause. Think about it: What if we could inspire strangers to conserve energy, just by wearing one of Sam's T-shirts? Now, that's hot."

To check out the goods and maybe even grab one for yourself head on over to the home of ZerooOut!

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via:: Zero0Out

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